About Us

About Us

Our company, located in Ergene/Tekirdağ, addresses the world market with its sustainable development. It is essential for us to ensure and maintain customer satisfaction with our quality products. Our company, which offers auxiliary chemicals used in the textile industry, is very experienced in this regard. We maintain our presence in the sector by producing effective and permanent solutions with years of experience. We provide appropriate solutions to customer requests and problems with our expert staff in the field. We offer our products with the latest technology by following the innovations closely. Our company, besides its product and service quality, provides benefits to the sector with its working values and aims to be an corporation that is a symbol of quality and trust.

Our Vision

To be a reliable, dynamic, entrepreneurial and leading company that creates added value in the sectors we provide services, to be a pioneer in the sector with our quality products, to be a continuously growing and developing company by following innovations, to have a structure that establishes and develops international collaborations.

Our Mission

Our missions may be listed as follows:
To provide solution partnership to our customers with quality and affordable products, to develop products with our knowledge and researcher identity, to be at the world market standards with sustainable development, to provide effective services by providing trust to our customers, to provide perfect teamwork with our specialised employees in the field.

Our Quality Policy

  • To establish a business relationship based on trust with our suppliers and business partners‎,
  • To ensure satisfaction with our customer-oriented activities,
  • To show continuous improvement with our innovative and researcher structure,
  • To deliver our quality products to our customers on the specified date,
  • To do our best to meet customer expectations with our professional and well-versed staff,
  • To be sensitive to society and the environment,
  • To operate by minimizing environmental damage,
  • To take the necessary precautions for our employees by complying with occupational health and safety regulations.‎